Heritage of Emerson Now Offering In House Dental, Vision And Audiology Services

Heritage of Emerson is pleased to announce a program to provide our residents with routine dental, vision, podiatry and audiology care—delivered right here in the facility. The best news is that this new program is provided at no additional cost to Medicaid residents! Our residents have special dental, vision, podiatry and audiology needs and the continuity of care is extremely important. Even residents who have dentures or no natural teeth require comprehensive dental care to maintain healthy living.
Highlights of the program are as follows:
 Dental Services:
o Include cancer screening, soft tissue exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, tooth extractions and dentures.
 Vision Services:
o Include annual eye exam and glasses and contacts
 Audiology Services:
o Exams
o Hearing Aids
o Cerumen (ear wax) Management
Service Funding:
 Dental, vision, and audiology services are provided at no additional cost to Medicaid residents. These residents will have their monthly liability reduced by the amount of the insurance premium. Citizens Security will submit the required information to Medicaid upon enrollment.
 Insurance policies for dental and vision, and audiology services are provided by Citizens Security Life Insurance Company in Louisville, KY.
 There are no additional fees for covered services provided in the facility if enrolled in any of these plans.
We are very excited about this program as we continue to strive for the best possible care for our residents and to enhance the convenience to our residents by bringing these services in house. This program is not just for Medicaid residents. They will see our private pay residents also. They can purchase their plans or see them on a as needed basis like they see their dentist, vision or audiology Dr’s now.
Any questions give me a call.
Denise Roeber
Social Services Heritage of Emerson

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