The element of surprise can be a good thing as many residents found out this past month. Putting their trust in Barb and Kellie, residents took the bite for a surprise trip without even a clue as to where they were going. They knew the time frame they would be gone and that was about it. The first group of six headed out to the new lake by Hubbard. Upon their arrival they were treated to apple turnovers. They watched construction crews putting some finishing touches on the land. The park is set to open in July. The group has already selected the new spot for a picnic in September!.

The next group of six headed north also. The destination was the Jackson Sweet Tooth. A local ice cream shop. Of course an ice cream cone was a must. It just so happened that there was a GTO parked out front! It stirred up even more conversation. The tour continued with a drive around the area including a venture to see the home of Barb (van driver) and Mat (maintenance). The idea of surprise was so much fun that they want to do it again next month.

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