Elvis is in the building!

Elvis Marcy & girls      elvis Irma      DSC_1876

Heritage of Emerson celebrated Vetter Senior Living 40th Birthday by hosting Elvis impersonator Brad Hedlund. “Elvis” entertained a crowd of 80 residents and guests. A singing, swiveling and shaking Elvis kept all eyes on him. Gifting scarves and even teddy bears to the crowd while he performed, Elvis didn’t miss a beat with putting on a show. Residents and guests had the opportunity to have their photo taken later, after the performance with the one and only “Elvis”. A few of the guest compared their real life attendance at an Elvis Concert. Following the entertainment, Dietary Manager John A. served birthday cake and homemade ice cream. Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors were a big hit amongst the guest. Memories were told about how, when and what flavors everyone used to make. Even stories about cutting ice from the pond in the winter and storing it for use later were shared.




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